Sony Wants Days Gone To Be Its Next Big Franchise

Sony is absolutely killing the market with its flawless exclusive titles. From the multi-award-winning God of War to hopefully-coming-really-soon The Last of Us Part 2 and the highly-anticipated Ghost of Tsushima, when it comes to exclusive titles you can’t do any better than Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Credit: SIE Bend Studio

April is set to be a pretty exciting month for PlayStation fans, because we’ll finally be getting our hands on the newest addition to Sony’s unique titles – Days Gone.

The game, which was originally thought to be ‘just another zombie game,’ looks like it’s set to pack a real emotional punch, with an expansive world, a lot of lost love and a tonne of Freakers.

Although the game isn’t yet out, it seems Sony is aiming seriously high with Days Gone, which it’s hoping will be the first instalment in a whole new series.

Credit: SIE Bend Studio

A PR representative for Sony recently told Average Caucasian Shark [via ComicBook] that the end goal for the game is absolutely a franchise.

“I went to talk to the Sony PR Guy running the thing show, and we had a brief conversation,” writes  Average Caucasian Shark. “I asked if Sony saw Days Gone as a one-off game, or as a potential franchise. I won’t lie, I expected a dodgy answer, but he was very upfront. He said ‘Franchise. The goal is always to make a game that people love and want more of.'”

Of course this probably depends on how well Days Gone is received by both its players and critics…

Credit: SIE Bend Studio

Luckily we don’t have too long to wait, as Days Gone launches exclusively on PlayStation 4, April 26.

Is this game on your wish list?

Featured Image Credit: SIE Bend Studio