Doctor Who Daleks Will Invade Eve Online Next Week

Eve Online is getting a crossover event with Doctor Who next week, challenging players to track down and fight the classic enemy the Daleks.

From January 13 to January 1, players will be able to take part in a new event in Eve Online that will feature the world of Doctor Who.

According to a post on the official Eve Online site, the crossover will “take place as an entirely original in-game event called The Interstellar Convergence.” The event is set before the Time Lords’ 400-year-long war with the Daleks, and will be “unlike any other EVE event before it, introducing a beguiling mystery, a trail of clues, multiple challenges, themed items, and even a vibrant new area of space.”

YouTube video

A brief trailer teasing the crossover shows a ship flying through space interspersed with the classic theme song from Doctor Who. At the end, it shows off a Dalek ship on the move, presumably out to take down players.

Players will have to find Doctor Who-related artifacts to track down the Daleks with. And eventually you will have to face off against them. There will also be Doctor Who-inspired rewards to unlock too. Judging by the thumbnail for the trailer, this includes Matt Smith’s Doctor’s outfit, as well as the fourth Doctor’s scarf. The event is just over a week away. So it won’t be too long until we’ll find out what they might be.

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Featured Image Credit: BBC Studios