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Nintendo & Microsoft Negotiations Spark Hope For Xbox Game Pass On Switch

Documents courtesy of the Apple vs. Epic lawsuit have revealed that Nintendo and Microsoft have been negotiating. What have those talks been about? Well, apparently, it could be to do with Game Pass or xCloud on the Nintendo Switch [via Comicbook].

Credit: Microsoft/Nintendo

If you’ve been keeping up with the rumour train, you’ll have already heard rumblings of a Nintendo and Microsoft partnership. However, thanks to documents shared by Axios’ Stephen Totilo on Twitter, it now seems like the companies have at least discussed the matter:

“Nintendo says these portions of an Xbox biz dev exec’s deposition in EpicvApple ‘reflect…competitively sensitive information about negotiations between Nintendo and Microsoft.’ She was primarily deposed about trying to bring xCloud to iOS and more broadly discussed console biz”


Thanks to redactions, we don’t actually know what was being negotiated by Nintendo and Microsoft in the documents. Even if the discussions were to do with Microsoft services on Switch, there’s nothing to confirm they’re still ongoing. However, the mere fact that the video game giants have been negotiating is intriguing.

Who knows, perhaps Nintendo and Microsoft are working out the finer details of a services partnership. Video game companies often discuss things that never come to fruition. Therefore, the prospect of an actual Nintendo and Microsoft collab is still just a rumour.

However, the video game industry is changing rapidly. Therefore, the status quo of console gaming could be about to change as we know it. Whether or not that involves unlikely partnerships? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see!

mock image of xbox game pass on a switch
Credit: GameByte/Nintendo/Microsoft

What are your thoughts on a Nintendo x Microsoft partnership and do you think Game Pass could come to Switch? Let us know on our social media channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft/Nintendo/GameByte