Doom Modder Transforms Game Into First-Person Golden Axe

A creative DOOM modder has managed to combine the classic ’90s shooter with SEGA’s beloved hack ‘n’ slash side scroller, Golden Axe. The result? Well, if this were a thing back in the day, it would have blown our minds! [via PCGamesN]

Created by Toilet_Wine_Connoisseur, the DOOM mod essentially infuses the aesthetic of Golden Axe with DOOM’s first-person gameplay. Yet, despite being a mod, the project essentially fully realises the SEGA classic within a seemingly 3D space. In other words, if you weren’t aware of this build’s mod status, you’d probably think it was an actual game.

It’s worth mentioning that while Toilet_Wine_Connoisseur has nailed the look and feel of his Golden Axe 3D creation, the mod is currently still in progress. According to the modder’s latest update on Twitter, he’s currently working on “level II”, which is set to be a hybrid of “Turtle Village” from Golden Axe “The Ruins” from its sequel, Golden Axe 2.

Mechanically speaking, this new version of Golden Axe does benefit from its DOOM core. In fact, the game has some unique additional attacks like alternate-fire kicks and spinning attacks. Of course, apart from a few tweaks to the formula, the experience at hand feels like Golden Axe. Although, the game’s newfound perspective does elevate the game’s difficulty somewhat.

Golden Axe DOOM Mod
Credit: Toilet_Wine_Connoisseur

Personally, I can’t wait to see what this Golden Axe DOOM hybrid looks like when finished. Thankfully, a pre-alpha build of the mod is also available to tide us over until then.

Are you going to give this Golden Axe DOOM mod a try? Let us know what you think via our social media channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Toilet_Wine_Connoisseur