Dota 2 New Frontiers Update – everything you need to know

Valve have released a new update for Dota 2 that is their biggest one yet. With a new map, gameplay changes and more, here’s everything we know.

When Valve said this was their biggest Dota 2 update yet, they were not exaggerating. With so many patch notes that there is a whole website dedicated to them, there are a lot of new features. The biggest one can be seen with the new map.

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Dota 2’s New Frontiers Update New Map

Since the New Frontiers update, the Dota 2 map has expanded by a whopping 40%. The map you remember before is pretty much the same, especially regarding landmarks but the whole area has been stretched to allow new features to be added. 

This includes the Twin Gates which are now situated on the upper left and lower right corners of the map. With the ability to fast travel between them, it makes travelling to the new area a bit easier. Additionally, Roshan is now situated in the aforementioned corners but now much tankier and with updated drops.

Screenshot showing some of the new Dota 2 updates that have come with the New Frontiers update
Credit: Valve

The center of the map is now home to new Shield Runes which will grant the player with extra temporary health. Here you will also find Watchers which provide vision to certain areas for several minutes. Finally, jungle areas have been expanded to fit in 12 new creep camps. These camps will increase in difficulty over time. 

Hero Rebalancing 

As you can expect with the world’s biggest patch notes, every Dota 2 character has received changes to balancing. The official page lists all the changes which are going to take you some time to read. 

However, the characters receiving the biggest changes are Medusa, Clinkz, Muerta, Ogre Magi, Arc Warden and Alchemist. 

You will also see changes to some items such as the Black King Bar. There have also been 14 new items added to the game. 

New Loss Mechanic 

Valve have also added a new loss mechanic known as Wisdom Runes. Located just outside your base, these provide XP to “keep a losing game from spinning out of control.” To make this easier to access, there will be a Defender’s Gate leading to the Rune. This could make a difference during a fight, allowing quick access to and from. 

Matchmaking Changes

New Frontiers also welcomes an overhaul to Dota 2’s matchmaking. Valve have now incorporated an algorithm which promises fairer games. Additionally, the wait time has also decreased. The catch is that you will have to wait through a short calibration period.

Screenshot showing some of the new Dota 2 updates that have come with the New Frontiers update
Credit: Valve

Final Changes

There is no way to list all the changes here but Dota 2 has also been given “meta-defining new features,” according to Valve. This includes new locations, Tormentor mini-bosses, UI tweaks to health bars and a kill formula rework.

Dota 2 New Frontiers is now live.

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