Horizon Forbidden West sequel could be in development

With the recent success of the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC, it has now been revealed a sequel may be in the works.

This news comes courtesy of a post released by Guerrilla Studio Management earlier today. With the post mainly dedicated to the promotion of the studio’s director, it also hinted at the future for the Horizon series. 

It’s good news for Guerrilla Studio director and executive producer Angie Smets as she starts her new role as head of development strategy at PlayStation Studios. However, fans of the Horizon franchise have paid a bit more attention to the latter words in the post.

Horizon Forbidden West Sequel Could Be In Development

The post mentions that the future of Guerilla Games is looking bright, especially with “expanding the world of Horizon with Aloy’s next adventure.” 

Although this doesn’t explicitly state that the next adventure will be a direct sequel to Horizon Forbidden West, it can be assured this will be the case. With Horizon being one of PlayStation’s most popular triple-A titles with booming sales and critical receptions, a sequel would be a good idea for the studio. 

Horizon Online Multiplayer 

The post also mentions an “exciting online project” which we assume refers to the Horizon Online Multiplayer that has been in development since late 2022.

Set in the Horizon universe, this multiplayer title will feature all-new characters and a “unique stylised look.” Although that is all we currently know about its development, it’s exciting to know their focus is still very much on it. 

Aloy in the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC
Credit: Yahoo

For Aloy’s current adventures, the recent Burning Shores DLC has recently received review bombing. This is due to a romantic storyline and kiss between Aloy and another female character. Despite this, the DLC was still well received. 

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