Dr. Disrespect Banned From Upcoming Call Of Duty Tournament

Popular streamer Dr. Disrespect has found himself hit with yet another ban, this time excluding him from a professional Call of Duty tournament.

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Credit: Twitch/Dr DisRespect

No disrespect intended, but Dr. Disrespect is no stranger to being banned from platforms, and his ban from Twitch last year was one of the biggest stories within the gaming world.

Dr. Disrespect has now received yet another ban. This time he’s not been axed from any streaming platforms, but instead from a Call of Duty: Warzone tournament in Toronto.

Dr DisRespect
Credit: Twitch/Dr DisRespect

The Toronto Ultra tournament has a hefty prize fund of $100,000, and is known for having some of the world’s most popular streamers and best Warzone players taking part. However, it seems that Dr. Disrespect is not allowed to partake in this particular tournament. Unfortunately, it’s not clear why he’s not allowed at the event.

However, a fellow streamer by the name of ZLaner believes that he might have the answers.

While streaming on Facebook, ZLaner claims that Dr. Disrespect may have been banned from the Toronto Ultra tournament due to his previous bans on platforms such as Twitch [via TheGamer].

ZLaner also claims to have asked Dr. Disrespect as to whether any strings can be pulled so that he can take part in the tournament, but unfortunately he was apparently told that wasn’t an option.

At the time of writing, neither the tournament organisers nor Dr. Disrespect himself have explained the reason for the ban. For now, it’s just a guessing game!

dr disrespect
Credit: Twitch/Dr DisRespect

Do you believe that Dr. Disrespect’s ban from the Toronto Ultra tournament is due to previous bans on platforms such as Twitch and if so, do you believe that the ban is fair? Let us know your thoughts across our social media channels.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch/Dr DisRespect