Drake Bell Plays The Drake And Josh Theme On His First Twitch Stream

If Jack Black can have a gaming YouTube channel then why can’t Drake from Nickelodeon’s Drake And Josh have a Twitch channel? It’s 2019, and anything can happen, and 90s kids are rejoicing over Drake Bell on Twitch.

Image: Drake Bell/Josh Peck


The actor streamed himself playing the guitar and singing one of the most iconic songs of our childhood – the theme song from Drake And Josh.

Check it out for yourself in the video below!

Everyone’s seriously pleased with the video, and over on Reddit it’s kick-started a conversation about the best bits from the show.

Drake And Josh ran on Nickelodeon from 2004 to 2007 and helped to solidify the careers of actors Josh Peck and Miranda Cosgrove.

Credit: Nickelodeon

The series’ opening theme song, which is called Found a Way, was written by Drake Bell and Backhouse Mike. Bell performed the song for the show’s opening credits, and even 15 years later, fans are still loving it.

Credit: Nickelodeon

Were you a fan of Drake And Josh?

Featured Image Credit: Nickelodeon