Big bucks for Ninja.

EA Apparently Paid Ninja One Million Dollars To Promote Apex Legends

Ninja is one of the biggest faces of esports, and whether you love him or hate him, he’s absolutely raking in the money with his sponsorship deals, merch and livestreams.

From the sounds of things, Ninja’s bank balance might be bigger than we thought, as rumour has it Ninja was paid $1 million dollars to promote Respawn’s battle royale, Apex Legends.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

According to a report from Reuters, Ninja snagged the seven figure sum from EA for tweeting about the game, and for streaming it for his legions of fans.


It’s not known whether EA expected Ninja to play a certain number of hours of Apex, but he streamed it for 12 days following its launch, and then swapped back to – you guessed it – Fortnite, the game which made Ninja.

It’s a lot of money, especially since Ninja didn’t stick with the game. But hey, at least he’s still able to make money following the New Year’s Eve floss failure…

Credit: Instagram/ninja

Although it’s clear Ninja still has a lot of influence when it comes to video games it looks like his fanbase might be getting more than a little bit sick of him.


Ninja’s shift in popularity can be seen just by comparing his subscriber numbers. He’s slipped from being the most-subscribed Twitch star, falling behind the likes of Shroud, Tfue, DrDisrespect and Summit1g.

Credit: Ninja

So, just how many people have unsubbed from Ninja? Well, his record (and Twitch’s) is an eye-watering 263,000 subscribers. Right now however, he has just under 25,000 [via TwitchStats]. Yikes.

Featured Image Credit: Ninja