WATCH: Battlefield 5’s Battle Royale Gets Its First Official Trailer And Release Date

It’s heeeere!

Credit: EA/DICE

Battlefield 5‘s long-awaited battle royale mode, Firestorm, may have been on the cards for a while, but it’s actually finally nearly here.

Sharing the first official trailer on Twitter, DICE writes: “Firestorm drops March 25! Helicopters, Tractors and one big ring of fire awaits.”

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Credit: EA/DICE

Check out the new mode in all its glory in the trailer below!

Battlefield 5 launched last year and it was well-known the game would release with the intention of a battle royale mode coming in spring 2019.

The World War 2-set battle royale is due to release March 25 2019.


Some veteran Battlefield fans are still lamenting the addition of a battle royale mode into the game at all, but over on Twitter DICE is assuring its fans that the new mode won’t be the core focus of the game.

From the trailer and the leaked footage, it looks like we’re going to be getting a really solid BR game. But will it be enough to pull back fans of Battlefield 5?

Credit: EA/DICE

Although the trailer is being pretty well received, it’s clearly not everyone’s cup of tea.

With the hugely-saturated battle royale market as it is, plus the likes of the recently-launched Apex Legends and the starting-to-get-tired Fortnite, is DICE’s offering too little, too late?

Credit: EA/DICE

Will you be checking out Firestorm later this month, or does this not spike your interest?

Featured Image Credit: DICE/EA

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