Dying Light 2 Dev Explains Why Easter Eggs Are So Much Fun

We all love Easter Eggs in games, and it looks like developers enjoy making them. During our exclusive interview with the lead game designer of Dying Light 2, Tymon Smektała, we found out exactly why Easter Eggs are in the game and how they are used to motivate the development team:

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Credit: Techland

Techland’s Approach To Easter Eggs In Dying Light 2

It’s no secret that Techland has been under fire for how they treat employees in the past, but it looks like they’ve turned over a new page in 2022.

We’re not just talking about what we’ve been told in the interview, but the Techland development team was out in force at Digital Dragon 22. After speaking to various individuals and seeing how excited they were to represent their studio at the event, we believe things are changing for the better.

During the interview, Tymon stated that Easter Eggs motivate the wider development team to take a break before the final stretch of development.

Credit: Techland

Easter Eggs

Being able to put a personal stamp on a game that’s been a full-time job for the past four years has to be a good feeling. Whilst mentioning some of our favourite Easter Eggs being the Force Choke and DooM treats, Tymon gave us a little more insight on this:

“Yes, but it’s also a way to let our team get in on the goofiness and gives them space to blow off some steam. As I said, making games is complex. The closer we are to the finish line, the more serious things get and less time and resources. There’s not much space for creativity at that point, as everyone is rushing to make that deadline.

“What we like to do is around two to three months before release, we tell developers to set aside a week or two to have fun and do whatever you want. It serves as a reet point for the team and gets them focused for our final stretch of development.

“The other side of easter eggs is players expecting them. We’re not sure how things work for Call of Duty or whatever, but we need easter eggs. Of course, we are putting the bar higher and higher for us to jump over net time, but hopefully, we’ll manage to do so.”

YouTube video

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