Elden Beast Weakness In Elden Ring | Final Boss Guide

Want to find out the major Elden Beast weakness Elden Ring? Want to be the best Elden Lord, the very best Elden lord, like no one, ever was? We do too, and we also love Pokemon references. No, we’re not sorry. Whilst the final boss fight in Elden Ring isn’t the most challenging compared to some death trips found in the Lands Between, it’s no cakewalk either.

Elden Ring FAQ: Every Guide You’ll Need

Elden Rings’s final boss fight is actually divided up by two antagonists, with the aforementioned Elden Beast taking up the later fight. The first boss fight is against none other than Radagon of the Golden Order, who has a completely different offensive than his monstrous companion.

Elden Beast Weakness Elden Ring

Radagon and Elden Beast General Tips – Elden Beast Weakness Elden Ring

Most importantly, anything that does Holy damage will be useless on both Radagon and the Elden Beast, but Scarlet Rot is a different matter. Both are vulnerable to the poisonous effects of Scarlet Rot, meaning players can adjust their weapons to deal massive damage over the course of both battles. 

When it comes to defensive strategies, both Radagon and the Elden Beast deal Holy damage. Make sure to stack up on Holy Defense-heavy armour before entering this two-part boss fight. Also, don’t rely on using damage-dealing Faith spells when fighting the Elden Beast as it heals it, although ones that just buff should be fine.

A couple of good Summons to bring to the fight include the “Mimic Tear Spirit Ash” and “The Black Knife Tithe Spirit Ash”. The former has a boatload of health and has the potential to deal some serious damage when players fully upgrade it. 

The latter moves very quickly and dodges like a champ, although it won’t deal much damage. Long story short, both Spirit Ashes should be used as distractions for players to move in and deal as much damage as possible.

Elden Beast Weakness Elden Ring

Elden Beast Weakness Elden Ring

The second part of Elden Rings’s main story final boss fight belongs to the Elden Beast, a monstrously large abomination that sports large tentacles and throws a variety of attacks at players. Area of Attack, projectiles, sweeping physical attacks and nimble movement is backing up the Elden Beast, but how do players take it down?

Oh, did we mention that it breathes fire too? Players can simply run left and right to avoid damage from a distance or dodge roll out of the way at close range. When it comes to Elden Beasts purple fog, simply run away before it explodes, dodging won’t work in this instance.

The golden ring attack isn’t a good time to get on the offensive though. Players should dodge through the approaching ring then run outside the outer ring to avoid any damage, which is again explosive. 

Elden Beast Weakness Elden Ring

The tracking golden orbs will shoot magical projectiles at players. These can be dodged by repeatedly rolling or running to the left or right. The projectile assault will only last for a few seconds, just be ready to run as this is more effective than dodging/rolling.

The Elden Beast’s weakness in Elden Ring is when it flies away whilst swiping its sword. The best tactic here is to sprint after it and dodge the sword swings, then land as many hits as possible in-between its attacks. Players should then start to run as the Elden Beast begins to put his sword in the ground. This is the beginning of an AoE attack, there’s no dodging it at close range.


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