Ghostwire Tokyo Pre-order Is Available For £49.95

On the 25th of March, it will be time to face the unknown, uncover the truth, and save the city in the PS5 console exclusive, Ghostwire. Published by Bethesda, this supernatural adventure by Tango Gameworks promises true immersion capable by the current gaming generation. At the GameByte Shop, you can pre-order Ghostwire Tokyo for £49.95.

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What is Ghostwire Tokyo?

All of Tokyo’s citizens have vanished, instead invaded by otherworldly spirits, called Visitors. Playing as Akito, you’ll be thrown into an unlikely partnership: being possessed by a spirit detective, KK. Granting you supernatural powers, you’ll be equipped to take on these deadly paranormal forces, and the dangerous occultist who has orchestrated this whole mystery.

ghostwire tokyo pre-order gameplay
Credit: Tango Gameworks

Exploring a beautifully haunted Tokyo, you’ll be amazed at what the supernatural presence has brought to its ultra-modern cityscapes and traditional temples. Thanks to KK, you’ll be able to devastate vengeful spirits with a variety of upgradeable elemental powers – inspired by Kuji-kiri hand gestures- creating a “karate meets magic” style of gameplay. All fuelled by the power and speed of the PlayStation 5, Ghostwire Tokyo hopes to deliver you the ultimate level of gameplay and visuals in your ghost-hunting quest to save your family.

Where Can I pre-order Ghostwire Tokyo?

Ghostwire Tokyo is available to pre-order for £49.95 at the GameByte Shop. In addition, as many of our lovely customers know, your many can go that extra mile in our loyalty scheme!

After you sign up free of charge, you’ll earn GameByte Loyalty Points for every £1 you spend. Build up enough points, and you’ll be able to redeem those points for a discount count that will grant you money off a future purchase. Here is the full breakdown:

  • 100 Loyalty Points just for signing up.
  • 30 Loyalty Points for every £1 you spend
  • 50 Loyalty Points each for sharing and liking on Twitter and Facebook
  • 50 Loyalty Points each for following on Instagram and Twitter
  • 200 bonus Loyalty Points on your birthday
  • Get £1 off a future order for every 400 points you redeem

Are you excited to play Ghostwire Tokyo? Have you put in your pre-order? Before you play, there’s even a free visual novel prequel available now! Let us know across our socials like our Twitter, or join the discussion on our Discord.

Featured Image Credit: Tango Gameworks