Elden Ring reaches 20 million copies sold worldwide

Elden Ring continues going from strength to strength. Now, FromSoftware have announced that the game has hit 20 million copies sold worldwide. 

With these new results, Elden Ring has ticked another milestone off its list, making it one of the studio’s best ever releases. Since its release back in 2022, the action RPG has captured the hearts of millions and figures can now back this up. 

Despite having a unique take on the Soulslike genre, Elden Ring was a hit from release. It quickly went on to be more successful than the studio’s previous title, Dark Souls 3. As a result of this instant success, it went on to become Game of the Year for 2022. 

Hitting milestones

Today, the studio took to Twitter to reveal they have hit this new milestone. With 20 million copies sold worldwide both physically and digitally, it has sailed past its last milestone. Elden Ring crossed the 16.6 million mark in June 2022. 

If you do the maths, this means that 83% of its 20 million copies were sold during the first four months of release. For the studio, this became their fastest-selling game with 12 million copies sold within the first month. 

Screenshot of Elden Ring by Bandai Namco
Credit: Bandai Namco

Elden Ring Updates

FromSoftware show no signs of abandoning the game however. With multiple post-launch updates including a multiplayer arena feature, they aim to keep fans playing. This update allows players to go up against each other in PvP combat across three arenas. You can either go this alone or with friends. 

Although the title is yet to receive any expansions, a new DLC may have been hinted at via Steam. This was reported by TheGamer who found this information from a Reddit user

The information shows that an update had been added to the Elden Ring store page. This included a package that we are unsure about. Could this be a future DLC?

Either way, this is exciting news for FromSoftware and Bandai Namco. With sales milestones being hit frequently, Elden Ring shows no signs of slowing down. 

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