Elden Ring Boss Guide: How To Beat Margit The Fell Omen

Margit the Fell Omen is one of the first big bosses you’ll come across in Elden Ring. This boss guards the entrance to Stormveil Castle, and is the first real challenge the game will throw at you if you’ve been following the Sites of Grace trails up to this point. If you’re a new player struggling with this boss battle, here’s a strategy that should hopefully help you even the odds.

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In Elden Ring, you’ll find Margit in Stormhill, just shortly after heading up the hill and entering the small tunnel that leads to Stormveil Castle. The nearest Site of Grace to Margit is called Castleward Tunnel and will provide an easy run-back to the boss should you find yourself killed during the fight.

The Margit boss battle occurs on a small causeway in front of the Stormveil Castle gate. While there’s a lot of room to move around here, it’s best to keep an eye on the sides of the arena as it’s possible to be knocked off the edge. For this fight, you’ll still want to keep him at a distance so you can identify his attacks and plan accordingly, as many of his moves behave very differently from each other.

As for weapons to use in this fight, a weapon that deals Bleed damage is recommended. The Spiked Club is a good shout, but we also love the Uchigatana (a katana with 45 Bleed buildup). You can find that on a dead body in Deathtouched Catacombs located in Stormhill. Bleed damage is great for bosses, as long as you stay on the offensive and deal enough quick damage then you should be able to take off a giant amount of health points.

Margit has moves that switch between melee and long-range. When he’s at a distance from you, he’ll start throwing magical daggers at you which deal Holy damage. These are quite easy to roll out of the way to avoid. However, you can also use ranged attacks yourself, such as a crossbow or throwing daggers, to force him closer.

In terms of close range attacks, Margit will use his giant bone cane to stab or thrust at you. Your best counter to this is to roll forward into him. If timed right, your rolls will avoid 100% of the damage thanks to invincibility-frames, giving you an opportunity to deal some close-range damage. 

Meanwhile, Margit’s free hand will also call in special holy attacks. This first appears in the form of a giant sword with a high range, so be sure to either dodge these attacks or create some distance between you both. When he gets down to half-health, he’ll also employ a giant hammer with a devastating attack power. Be sure to avoid being hit by this at all costs.

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There are some other methods you can use to make the fight a little easier. There’s an item you can buy from a merchant halfway up the river in north Agheel Lake. This allows you to purchase Margit’s Shackle which is a tool you can use to briefly trap him in a pool of golden energy. This will prevent him from moving for a couple of seconds, allowing you to deal heavy damage. However, it only works during his first phase before you’ve got him down to half health.

You can also summon Sorcerer Rogier to assist with this fight. You’ll see his golden summon sign by the fog gate to the battle arena. Summoning Rogier is a good idea if you’re having trouble beating the boss on your own, and is an alternative to calling in other players to help.

With all this in mind, Margit should be fairly easy to beat. Just keep an eye on his moves and watch out for those deadly spin attacks he is capable of. Good luck!

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