Elden Ring Torrent Guide: How To Get The Spectral Steed

Torrent in Elden Ring is your trusty Spectral Steed; the beast-like horse you’ll use to get around its huge, sprawling open world. In our playthrough, we found him to be an instrumental part of exploration, allowing us to explore the world quickly and efficiently. We’d maybe even recommend it to be one of the first things you do in this game.

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But if you’re wondering just how to get your hands on this magnificent creature, we’ve compiled a handy guide for you. Here’s how to get Elden Ring’s Spectral Steed, as well as some tips on how to use him effectively.

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Torrent is acquired after you meet Melina for the first time. In order to do that, you need to rest at the Site of Grace in Gatefront. This is the area located in front of a giant gate in Limgrave near a small fort with patrolling Stormveil Soldiers. Rest at this Site of Grace and a cutscene will trigger where Melina introduces herself. She’ll also give you a Spectral Steed Whistle, which enables you to call Torrent. Note: Melina may also appear at other Sites of Grace if you rest elsewhere first.

Next, head into your equipment menu and find the quick item navigation bar where you can equip flasks and other items. Pop the Spectral Steed Whistle here and back out of the menu. Press “down” until you have the whistle equipped and then press the “Action Button” [X or Square on an Xbox/PlayStation controller]. This will summon Torrent and allow you to start riding him around Limgrave and other open areas of the game.

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With great steed comes great responsibility; here are a few tips that should make your horseback adventures with Torrent smooth and frustration-free.


Torrent has his own health pool, meaning enemy attacks will affect him independently from you. This might mean, depending on the attack, that Torrent loses a lot of health where you might not take any damage. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on Torrent’s health, which appears on-screen any time he takes damage. You can restore his health by feeding him raisins, which are craftable from Rowa Fruit. If he dies, you can revive him on the spot using the Spectral Steed Whistle and a single charge from your Flask of Crimson Tears. Resting at a Site of Grace will also revive him and put him at full health.


Mounted combat doesn’t offer as many moves as when on the ground, but you do extra damage to make up for it. In fact, a lot of enemies in the overworld are designed to be fought from horseback. This includes the first real boss in the game, Tree Sentinel. Likewise, Torrent’s extra speed and height gives you a bigger advantage when facing up against fast enemies. We recommend using the Twinblade early on for mounted combat due to its far reach. You can also use ranged combat like spells and archery, but these will temporarily slow you down so be cautious.

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In specific points of Limgrave and other open areas, you may come across large geysers of wind flowing upwards. If you run into one whilst riding Torrent, you’ll leap up into the air at a massive altitude to reach new places. This can even be used to bypass tough areas that are hard to get through on foot, such as providing you early access to Stormhill.

And that’s everything you need to know about Torrent in Elden Ring! Be sure to check out our other guides on the game. We have starter tips on upgrading your Sacred Flask, using Ashes of War and Spirit Ashes, as well as how to use Torrent. If you want to know more about levelling, check out our guide to each class in the game, how to level up, and the best locations to farm runes. And finally, if it’s boss encounters you’re after we also have some tips to help you beat the early game bosses.


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