Elden Ring Modder Explains Mystery Behind The Cut Content

A new Elden Ring datamine video has provided some more clarity on the currently unused colosseums.

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Last month, YouTuber Lance McDonald was able to show us the inside of the colosseum’s from Elden Ring. They’re a bit mysterious at the moment, as there’s no in-game way to access them currently. There is the chance it’s hinting at some kind of DLC, but that’s only speculation right now. However, a new Elden Ring datamine video from Sekiro Dubi, we might have more of an idea of what the intended purpose is.

YouTube video

what did the datamine find?

Sekiro Dubi was able to use the DSMapStudio map editor, as well as file references to the Leyndell Colosseum, to reconstruct the colosseum as intended. And it seems like it harbours a few secrets. For one, in the reconstruction, a site of grace can be found right inside the entrance. 

More interestingly however, is evidence of two unused enemies. One, called Gladiator Large, is quite simply a large gladiator. And the other, Old Lion of Arena, looks like one of those lions with swords you might have seen around the Lands Between. It could be that players would go in and find these enemies fighting one another, like in other parts of the map. But their true purpose is currently unknown. 

There is still a strong chance they could be used for DLC in some shape or form. After all, it is odd that three major structures have been left mainly unused. Some kind of DLC is likely, as Dark Souls 1 to 3 and Bloodborne did. But for now, we’ll have to wait and see.

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Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware/ Sekiro Dubi