Elden Player discovers creepy detail about flame chariots

An Elden Ring player has discovered a creepy detail about those annoying Flame Chariots. Spoilers, they’re watching, quite literally!

While far from being the most challenging enemy, the Flame Chariot can be as annoying as hell. If you spot one on its own, it can be easily taken care of. That’s as long you can sneak up on it. However, if a few of them spot you first, an ambush can lead to your untimely demise.

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In truth, if I’m not sneak attacking a Flame Chariot, I’m usually running away trying not to be burned alive. I’m sure that I am not alone in this, which is probably why many of us might not have spotted this small, yet creepy detail.

Thankfully, Reddit user Fuzzy-Improvement-35 shared a small gameplay clip featuring a Flame Chariot getting up close and personal. When the player moved out of the way of the Flame Chariot, they noticed that the eyes of the machine were following them.

Stop staring at me!

This is quite interesting because a creature sitting at the rear of the Flame Chariot controls the machine. Sure, this creature might be looking through the eyes of the Chariot, as if it were a lens. However, the eye movement of the Flame Chariot kind of gives me an unnerving feeling that this thing might actually be alive.

Elden Ring is an amazing game but it’s missable details like this that make it one of the most immersive games in recent years.

In our review of Elden Ring, we said: “If Dark Souls was the earthquake, Elden Ring is the aftershock. In a sense, it’s more of a love letter to the Soulsborne fanbase, incorporating dramatic fragments of each past game into a single product that is rewarding and fulfilling.

Have you noticed any other small details similar to the Flame Chariots that others may not have noticed in Elden Ring? If so, let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware/Source (Game Rant)