Such a cruel end!

Elden Ring Streamer’s ‘No-Hit Run’ Comes To Tragic End On Final Boss

An Elden Ring streamers no-hit run came to a cruel end at the very last hurdle, against the final boss, the Elden Beast. Ouch!

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As fans of FromSoftware will know, beating any of the developer’s games is no easy task. Especially when it involves setting goals such as not being hit. As reported by GamingBible, Twitch streamer The Happy Hob nearly achieved greatness but was foiled at the very end.


Happy Hob managed to fight through the countless hordes that Elden Ring had to offer, including many of its challenging bosses that must be encountered. Just think about it, right up until the very last boss, Happy Hob had got there without being hit, not even once. That in itself is a massive achievement.

Salt was rubbed into the wounds

However, as great as the run was, it surely offers little consolation having the run come to such a devastating end. 

To make matters worse, Happy Hob had died at the exact same time as the Elden Beast and was banished to the nearest save point. To add insult to injury, Happy Hob was even rewarded with the Elden Remembrance.


Honestly, I feel Happy Hobs’ pain, but I have no doubt that the ‘no-hit run’ will be achieved at some point soon. Do you feel that Happy Hob will achieve the no-hit run in Elden Ring? Let us know on Twitter.

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Featured Image Credit: The Happy Hob / FromSoftware