Elden Ring player makes horrifying discovery about one of the enemies

An Elden Ring player has made a shocking discovery about the large Jellyfish found throughout the game.

Firstly, granted this news was discovered several months ago, but for the benefit of those that never knew, get ready for a story of dead Jellyfish children. We wish we were making this up.

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Have we been killing Jellyfish or children?

If you’ve spent a number of hours getting killed in the Lands Between, the chances are that you would have encountered the Jellyfish. They can often be found in large groups, presumably gossiping enviously over friends that managed to bag a bottle of Prime from Asda.

For the most part, at least in my experience, the Jellyfish in Elden Ring will only turn red and attack you, unless you strike first. However, I’m pretty sure there have been some exceptions.

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Well, you may want to think twice before attacking Jellyfish, because they are apparently spirits of dead children, lost in limbo. You can always bank on FromSoftware from being the life and soul of the party. Yay.

As reported by Gamesradar, at the beginning of the game, you might have encountered an NPC named Roderika, played by Helen Monks. Furthermore, this lovely Brummy accented character can be found in the Stormhill Shack on the trail to Stormveil. When interacting with Roderika, she will give you a Jellyfish Spirit Summon called Aurelia.

You can save the Jellyfish in Elden Ring

For the most part, this Jellyfish Spirit Summon, while not the best, is quite helpful in taking down the pesky enemies in Elden Ring. However, the chances are that once you start to progress in the game and acquire more powerful Summons, you’ll soon forget about this poor Jellyfish.

Well, as it happens, when children die in Elden Ring, they become Jellyfish. For some reason. It is said that rather than moving to the stars, these poor souls are lost in purgatory unable to move on. Do you feel guilty for killing them yet?

Furthermore, a player has discovered a grave dedicated to two sisters, Aurelia and Aureliette. The grave can be found within the Mountain Top Cemetery. The person that made this sad discovery is Reddit user FreeWatercressSalad.

Spoilers, they get to see the stars!

Moreover, the grave even has a sad message that reads: “Here lie Aurelia and Aureliette, who never saw the stars.” Arrr. However, there is a happy ending to this story.

If you take the Aurelia Spirit Summon to Aureliette, who is waiting for her sister at the Stargazers’ Ruins, you can reunite the sisters and they will finally get to see the stars. All you have to do is summon the spirit near Aurelia, and their story will conclude.

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Elden Ring DLC could be on the way!

In recent news, the latest leaks suggest that Elden Ring DLC could be on the way. According to a datamine leak, the DLC includes new bosses, NPCs, cosmetics as well as a new area.

Finally, have you concluded the Jellyfish sister’s quest in Elden Ring? If not, go, go now! Elden Ring is available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware/Source: Gamesradar via Reddit