Elden Ring player notices intriguing detail about Godfrey boss fight

An Elden Ring player has noticed an intriguing detail about the Godfrey the Grafted boss fight later in the game.

Godfrey the Grafted is more than just a powerful boss that likes to collect limbs of the Tarnished. Godfrey was once a hero, but after a fall from grace, he was exiled from the Lands Between and became the very first Tarnished.

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The backstory of Godfrey the Grafted is often a hot topic of discussion and fan theory within the Elden Ring community. However, thanks to an eagle-eyed fan, some of those fan theories might have been confirmed.

Elden Ring spoilers ahead

Now, before you read on, please be advised that we’re going to talk about a boss fight later in the game. So, consider this to be your second spoiler warning.

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Towards the end of Elden Ring when players must battle with the Elden Beast, they must first fight with Godfrey the Grafted once more. It would be safe to assume that Godfrey is the challenge for the player. However, it seems that might not entirely be true.

In a twisted turn of events, it seems that the player might actually be the challenge for Godfrey. In a nutshell, what if you were the boss encounter for Godfrey the Grafted?

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Could this be true?

During the initial cutscene before the player and Godfrey have fisticuffs, Reddit user M24Spirit noticed that the Guidance of Grace is pointing towards the player and not Godfrey. Meaning that the player could in fact be Godfrey’s boss.

If this intriguing detail is true, it certainly makes for an interesting perspective that flips the story of Elden Ring onto its head. Do you believe that the player is Godfrey’s boss? Let us know across our social media channels.

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