Elden Ring Reveal ‘Coming This Month,’ Claims Rumour

It’s being claimed that the next FromSoftware game, Elden Ring, will be getting its full reveal later this month. The title, which is the brainchild of both the veteran studio and Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin, was revealed with a teaser trailer back in 2019. We’ve yet to hear much else on the game, though it’s naturally piqued everyone’s curiosity.

Credit: FromSoftware

According to a new 4Chan rumour [via AltChar], Elden Ring will see some of the limelight during Xbox’s July Showcase, which is set to take place on July 23.

The leak also goes on the make several claims about what we can expect from the showcase of Elden Ring, including info on gameplay, features and the trailer itself.

YouTube video

As always with leaks and rumours, take them with a pinch of salt until verified. That being said, you can check out the claims below:

  • The gameplay is apparently close to Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 3, a bit slower but more dynamic.
  • There is a jump option like in Sekiro but no wall jumping, though.
  • There is an air dodge feature.
  • No classes but you can join guilds and change your mastery.
  • You can mount a ghost horse that can be summoned at will and carry gear.
  • Inventory management is similar to Demon’s Souls.
  • The game has five main bosses in each kingdom.
Credit: FromSoftware
  • Leaker noticed twelve regular bosses.
  • Boss health is similar to Sekiro, where there is a counter for each phase.
  • Day and Night cycle is in the game, enemies and bosses are stronger during the night.
  • You can rest in towns to pass time.
  • There are Bonfire-like checkpoints all over the world.
  • No difficulty options but there is a system similar to Sekiro’s unseen aid that refills your health elixirs.
  • Trailer drops at Xbox event later this month.
  • Screenshots should start appearing soon.

Keep your fingers crossed for Elden Ring later this month!

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware