Even more ‘Dragon Ball Z’ x Adidas Sneakers Have Been Leaked and They Look Incredible

For fans of Dragon Ball Z this is a huge announcement as this only signals that more brands will be wanting to create more merchandise around this popular anime.

The original trainers that were leaked

Latest Leaks

Yeezy Mafia will also be releasing 7 special edition sneakers which will represent each of the Dragon Balls. It is also believed a shoe for the characters Mr. Popo, Tenshinhan, Yajirobe, and Mr. Satan are also on the way. We can only imagine what these will look like after seeing these initial releases.

What drops next is always a reliable source to find out what new is coming out and believe me when I say that I have been waiting for these for a long time now…

Will you be grabbing any of these for yourself or will you be waiting for the next round of special edition sneakers to see what Mr. Popo likes to wear on his feet?