Ever Played Train Simulator On A Train? This Person Has

There must be a few people reading this post who are fans of Train Simulator, but are you a big enough fan to play it while riding a train?

Look, we all know the joys of simulator games. They allow players to experience a real part of life they might not otherwise be able to. Yes, driving a truck down a realistic highway needing to follow actual traffic laws does sound like fun. Flying a plane over your own house in Microsoft Flight Simulator does sound like a good way to spend 30 minutes. But sometimes, that might not be enough.

It definitely isn’t for one passenger riding a German train. Freelance journalist Titus Blome noticed that a fellow traveller was playing Train Simulator, while they were riding said train. Talk about meta. 

Blome captioned the tweet with, “On the train to Leipzig someone is sitting and playing Train Simulator,” with translations from GameByte.

Clearly, for whoever this person is, simply playing the game isn’t enough. They need the feeling of the wheels bumping along the tracks. The rickety motion, swaying side to side. Or maybe even the screeching is metal as the train comes to a halt. Who knows what their motivation might be? Maybe they just really like trains, which honestly, is just as valid as any other reason.

YouTube video

It isn’t that surprising to see someone playing some kind of simulator game on a German train. Vehicle simulator games are surprisingly popular in the country, with add-on developers for Train Simulator and Microsoft Flight Simulator based there.

What’s the weirdest game you’ve seen someone play on public transport? Let us know across our social media channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Dovetail Games