New Graphics Cards Are Coming Next Year Despite Shortages

A new leak suggests that a new series of RTX cards could be set to release during 2022. The news arrived via Digitimes, and was spotted by Chiakokhua on Twitter.

According to the outlet, Nvidia is gearing up to launch the cards sometime next year. Considering the ongoing shortage of semiconductor chips and global supply chain issues, it’s likely the cards may launch later in the year. 

According to the leak, the new 40 series of cards will feature a 5nm node, which will provide a big performance leap over last year’s launch of 30 series cards. Last year’s cards featured the 8nm Samsung chip, while this new set of cards would take advantage of the latest 5nm chips, which are similar to those installed in Apple’s latest iPad Air devices. 

According to Digitimes, the RTX 40 series will ride the current wave of metaverse gaming, aimed at datacentre/AI gaming. It is rumoured the flagship card in the new series will feature 18,432 CUDA Cores, which is 70% more than the current leading RTX card, the RTX 3090. This boost in specs will apparently produce a clock speed of 2.3 – 2.5 GHz, compared to the RTX 3090’s clock speed of 2.1 GHz.

Nvidia’s current flagship card, the RTX 3090 (Image Credit: Nvidia)

The news will be met with scepticism considering the RTX 30 series of cards is still difficult to purchase. The global shortage of semiconductor chips and ongoing supply chain issues have caused a global shortage of graphics cards. The rise in crypto currency mining has also further added to the shortage.

The demand for graphics cards is currently so great, that thieves are risking imprisonment to steal the cards. A recent shipment of 30-series graphics cards was stolen while in transit.

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Featured Image Credit: Nvidia