Every Future Map In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Will Be 100% Free

The word “free” might be one of the best words in the whole world, but let’s face it – it’s not a word you usually hear associated with video games. Surprisingly, it’s been confirmed by Activision that every single one of the upcoming maps for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is going to cost you absolutely nothing.

Sharing the news in a blog post, Activision also announced a load of new details about its plans for Modern Warfare and for the future, including a focus on “bringing the community together.”

Credit: Activision

According to the blog, CoD: MW will be “introducing crossplay to unite the community across platforms for the first time,” and won’t include Season Pass.

Excitingly, the company also confirmed it will be “delivering free post-launch multiplayer maps and modes for all players,” and will be “releasing post-launch multiplayer maps and modes simultaneously on all platforms.” Sounds pretty damn good to me!

Activision states it will be “removing Season Pass and a la carte DLC multiplayer map packs to ensure everyone can play together.”

Credit: Activision

It’s also been reiterated that there won’t be a loot box system, and instead the game will have a new Battle Pass system.

Activision writes: “All functional content that has an impact on game balance, such as base weapons and attachments, can be unlocked simply by playing the game.

“The new Battle Pass system will allow players to see the content that they are earning or buying.  Battle Passes will launch timed to new, post-launch live seasons, so you can unlock cool new Modern Warfare-themed content that matches each season.”

Credit: Activision

There’ll be cosmetics available for purchase, but nothing that “impacts game balance.”

Lastly, it’s been confirmed that the Battle Pass System for Modern Warfare will not launch when the game releases on October 25th. Activision states: “First and foremost, we are all focused on making the Day One experience awesome. Second, it’s important to us that everyone who is playing Modern Warfare has the chance to work their way through the new game and unlock all the rewards that are waiting for you. We expect to launch this system for Modern Warfare later this year.”

Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches October 25, 2019.

Featured Image Credit: Activision