Stranger Things Writers Hint At Time Travel In Season 4

It’s official: Stranger Things season four has begun started filming, which means that the countdown is on until we return back to the gang (I would say Hawkins, but all the promotion so far has made it very clear that we’re not in Hawkins anymore).

Credit: Netflix

While the set tends to be on lockdown, and rightly so because who wants spoilers? – It seems that the writers (who have their own social media handle on Twitter) have been messing with the fans and releasing tidbits of information.

Now, according to GamesRadar, The Fisher King and Ordinary People are based on characters navigating big-city life after dealing with traumatic events, which could speak to the Byers and Eleven living in a new place after losing Hopper. The Peanut Butter Solution is a fantasy horror that involves the abuse of children, much like elements of Stranger Things, particularly Eleven’s treatment while she was a subject in a lab. Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey is gives off a feeling of ‘fantasy meets 80s’ that was present in season two.


And finally, You’ve Got Mail, which is the classic rom com starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, which everyone is the most confused about in the list.

In the film, the two characters fall in love by chatting online, so some people have wondered whether or not it could be the signal that Hopper tries to communicate to Joyce through the lights like Will did when he was in the Upside Down. Too much of a stretch though? Hey – nothing is impossible on that show.

Also, the show writers have hinted at potential Time Travel since they started posting about the new season, what with the fact that they announced the show was based around Back To The Future, and the ticking clock that was shown on the season four teaser.


Article via Student Problems.

[Featured Image Credit: Stranger Things Netflix]