Everything that launches with Overwatch 2 Season 1

Overwatch 2 launches on October 4th, but what’s in the game’s very first season?

First off, everyone who plays will gain access to 2 new heroes and all the new maps and modes. That includes Junker Queen and Sojourn, the latter of which was available in the game’s beta. However, the new character Kiriko will not be available right away.

To unlock Kiriko, players will have to reach level 55 in the new battle pass. They can be unlocked for free, but it will take a good amount of time before you get to that part of the pass. If you own Overwatch 1, you’ll unlock her right away through the Founder’s Pack. Just make sure you log in before season 2.

Credit: Blizzard

Battle Pass Premium

Of course, there’s a premium version of the battle pass for players who want to upgrade and get Kiriko immediately. This premium battle pass will feature 1 mythic skin for Genji, 5 legendary skins and 1 epic skin. It’ll also have 3 play of the game intros, 4 weapon charms, 3 emotes, 6 poses, 3 souvenirs, 6 name cards and more.

The free pass will feature Kiriko, 2 epic skins, 1 charm, 2 souvenirs, 1 highlight intro and 14 other free items. That does seem a little barren, but Overwatch 2 will be free to play unlike its predecessor. That means all new players won’t have to spend anything to play the game.

If you have Overwatch 1 already, you’ll gain access to Overwatch 2 as soon as it launches. The new game will feature 5v5 matches, character reworks and more.


Also, new characters will not be introduced into competitive matches instantly. It’ll give players time to unlock them, and also allow Blizzard to balance them more effectively before they dominate ranked matches.

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