Ex-Overwatch Pro Explains Why Cheaters Are A ‘Detriment To Society’

Cheating is a way of life, especially in video games, and as unfair as it is to see someone cheat their way to victory, it’s the sad truth that developers can really struggle to keep one step ahead of cheaters.

Former Overwatch professional player Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has spoken out against cheating after seeing it happen in an Overwatch match [via Dexerto].

xQc, who now focuses on livestreaming, isn’t exactly known for his nuggets of wisdom, but this time he seems to have really hit the nail on the head.

Credit: Instagram/xQc

“This guy, [the cheater], when he faces problems, when he faces challenges, hurdles, stonewalls, when he gets blocked by life’s stimuli, he finds cheats and shortcuts that work in video games, but will never work elsewhere,” xQc said.

“He’s going to go down and down and he’s going to bring more people with him, and overall he will be a detriment to society, his family, and himself.”

He’s not wrong…

Credit: Blizzard

Cheating can be a huge problem, especially when it comes to online multiplayers, and it’s something that the developers of free-to-play battle royale, Apex Legends, are working hard to crack down on.

In a Reddit post last month, the team at Respawn Entertainment went into detail about how it plans to curb cheating in the game, admitting it has already banned 350 thousand cheaters on PC alone.

It’s not known how many cheaters have been banned in total since Apex Legends first launched in February.

At the time, Respawn also confirmed a “new feature” will be introduced to report on cheaters in the game – something which should definitely help to cut down on the number of rule-flouting players.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

In the game’s most-recent update, the patch notes mention the inclusion of “Additional behind-the-scenes improvements for squashing cheaters.”

Don’t cheat, guys!

Featured Image Credit: Blizzard