You Can Now Play Borderlands As A Third-Person Shooter

Mods are a great way to tailor your gaming experience. Whether you want a little more (or less) nudity, a little more firepower, or even if you want to change your enemies into memes, there’s almost definitely a mod for that.

One of the best mods to creep up on us over the past few weeks has to be the mod that turns the OG Borderlands into a third-person shooter. Just think of the mayhem!

Credit: Gearbox

The mod comes courtesy of Borderlands fan and pro modder, LordEmil1 and you can find it over onĀ Nexus Mods, but before you go installing it, just check out how damn fun it looks!

YouTube video

On the YouTube video one fan commented: “We need this in every Borderlands.”

Several others said they love the mod just because of the bootylicious action of Lilith’s rear end. Which is fine. Whatever floats your boat.

Credit: Gearbox

There are a few issues to be aware of if you do install this mod.

Over on Nexus Mods, LordEmil1 writes: “Aiming with 3rd person isn’t always perfect(but it’s pretty damn good), so you might have to switch back to first person for a few seconds to ‘reset’ your aim every 30 minutes to an hour.

“Using the cursor to activate objectives/pick things up works flawlessly.

“When you scope in, it will switch back to first person mode for the duration you’re doing so.

“You have to be further away than you think to melee people.

Credit: Gearbox

“When you go into the ‘Fight for your Life’ you’ll be put back into first person mode, and you’ll have to press your bind to go back into third person mode twice.

“Only the host in a Multiplayer lobby can use this mod.”

Let us know if you give this mod a go!

Featured Image Credit: Gearbox