F1 22: 4 Things We Love About It (And 3 We Don’t)

Credit: Codemasters

WE don’t LOVE: F1 Life

Yes, yes, I know I just said that I liked F1 Life. However, while it’s a neat addition to bring some personality to the game, I can’t quite see the point of it outside of player expression. Sure, some players might get a sense of satisfaction out of making their space the best it can be. But it doesn’t add anything to the racing experience, which I know myself and other players value much more highly. I say this as someone who plays the F1 games as a mostly solo affair, however. Online players may view this feature much more favourably.

Credit: Codemasters

WE don’t LOVE: Microtransactions

Another reason why I wasn’t too hot on F1 Life is that it seems like vehicle mostly designed to shovel microtransactions at the player. With great customisation comes great taxability. Players are able to customise their driver and space with plenty of recognisable designer brands. However, many of these items can’t be unlocked via natural progression or the battle pass. Instead, you’re forced to fork over cash for ‘Pit Coins’. A basic t-shirt will set you back £4 at the nearest currency tier – that’s steep given how many exclusive items are in the game.

As this is only a preview build, these prices are subject to change. As it stands, F1 22 players may feel themselves a little short changed when it comes to F1 Life and the customisation options.

Credit: Codemasters

WE don’t LOVE: Supercars feel undercooked

Supercars are another feature that have both pros and cons. While it’s great to see Codemasters expanding the offering of F1 22, their current implementation certainly feels a little undercooked. The Pirelli Hot Lap challenges are currently very short, repetitive, and easy. I can’t see these entertaining players for more than a few minutes a piece, and they certainly won’t be coming back for them.

Driving supercars round tracks by yourself is a lonely experience, especially as laps are obviously much longer when you’re not in an F1 rocketship. This experience may improve as you race against others online, but the driving model isn’t as detailed or as slick as that of other racers out there. If driving road cars around racing circuits is the experience you’re after, other games already do that way better.

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