Shadows Of Rose DLC – Should You Play It?

For those who haven’t completed Resident Evil: Village, prepare for some spoilers when diving into the Shadows of Rose DLC.

Whilst players have got their Lady Dimitrescu simping out of their systems, Village isn’t done offering fans a solid Resident Evil outing. Here’s why our readers should be looking out for Shadows Of Rose DLC:

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Where Does It Fit In? – Shadows Of Rose DLC

The DLCs protagonist, Rose, is the daughter of Ethan Winters, the protagonist of the core game. Following on from Villages’ post-credit scene, Rose is now a teenager assisting Chris Redfield in his various exploits.

We can’t fully confirm, but Ethan Winters may still be alive as players of the main game may already be aware. Maybe this DLC winds up being a search and rescue mission?

Shadows Of Rose
Credit: Capcom
What’s The Plot? – Shadows Of Rose DLC

It looks like Rose has developed supernatural powers. Well, it’s more of a curse seeing as she’s setting out on a journey to get rid of it. The DLC is touted to send Rose into an alternate reality mixed with elements of the past. Capcom promised a “warped and twisted world of nightmares”, so it certainly sounds like promising content.

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Does This DLC Change Up Gameplay? – Shadows Of Rose DLC

Shadows Of Rose will be played in the third person, which is a surprise return to the franchise’s roots. Whilst we don’t be seeing the classic stationary cameras enjoyed at the beginning of the series, this is the first time we’ve seen this style since Resident Evil 6.

Yes, we remember that logo too. This will also include a new third-person mode for the main Resident Evil: Village game too, offering a fresh take on gameplay for everyone.

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When Does It Release? – Shadows Of Rose DLC

Capcom has confirmed a 28th October release date.

How Can I get It?

Resident Evil: Village Gold Edition releases on the same day and includes the following:

– Third-person mode
– Shadows of Rose DLC
– Mercenaries Mode

it will also be part of the Winters expansion, which includes all of the above content for those who already own the base game.

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Featured Image Credit: Capcom