Fall Guys Update Introduces Fan Favourite Level, Adds New Fixes

The whole world has been playing nothing but Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout since its release last week, and the game just got even better thanks to a new update.

Fall Guys, which is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers right now, is the colourful and bubbly Battle Royale that sees 60 players compete across a series of wacky levels to score the crown.

Credit: Devolver Digital

Despite being just a week old, Fall Guys has already gotten its first update, which introduces a level which will be brand new for most players: Jump Showdown.

Over on Twitter, the official Fall Guys account explains the new level is a fan-favourite from the beta, and features a small platform will segments that fall as time passes. You’ll need to jump over rotating obstacles and keep your feet on the ground in this one. Check it out in the tweet below.

Along with the new level, the Fall Guys update also fixes a number of issues with the game including several different ways in which players were experiences game crashes. You can see all of the quality of life updates below.

One of the most fun games we’ve seen this year, Fall Guys is impressing its millions of players all over the show, and has even been struggling to maintain stability with its servers due to its overwhelming popularity.

Already a bonafide smash hit, Fall Guys is expected to be getting its own Twitch Rivals esport sooner rather than later. If you haven’t yet, I strongly recommend picking up Fall Guys if you’re a PC or PS4 player. If you have PS Plus, Fall Guys is free for the month of August, but if not you can still pick it up at its retail price.

Have you been playing?

Featured Image Credit: Devolver Digital