Fallout 5 May Be Closer Than You Think After Amazon Listing Found

What’s that noise? Oh, it’s the rumour mill spinning once again and this time it is the next Fallout game that is on the docket. Fallout 76 was released in the latter half of 2018 to a very muted response. With an excessive amount of glitches and problems the games player-base was limited from the start. This could mean that the next Fallout Game could be being released sooner than planned to help remove the slightly sour taste that Fallout 76 has left in gamers mouths. At least that is what it seems like with this new leaked Amazon listing:

The links no longer work but luckily @Wario64 managed to get a screenshot of the listing along with a download of the video that came along with the listing.

The prices for the different editions are almost certainly just placeholder prices (don’t be surprised if some of these are massively higher upon actual pre-order).

Bethesda is a studio with a ‘single-player focus’ to their games, at least that is what the infamous Todd Howard would have us believe. This is definitely a positive notion to reaffirm as this leads us to believe that this is in fact a new single-player player game and not another Fallout 76 type creation.

This new addition to the Bethesda catalog could also potentially delay the release of the next Elder Scrolls game. This is of course not confirmed but the reallocation of employees away from Elder Scrolls VI to the new Fallout game is not out of the question. We can only hope that it isn’t delayed – even though we don’t have a set date for the game yet!

What exactly are you hoping for? I would love to see a new Fallout game which goes back to its roots and is more like Fallout New Vegas than Fallout 4. We will have to wait and see.