Fallout 76 NPCs Are Now Looting Some Players’ Corpses

Controversial Bethesda title, Fallout 76, recently received a huge (free) update: Wastelanders. The update promised to make the game feel a lot less empty and a lot more like a Fallout game, and so far it’s been a pretty great ride for players who were less than impressed with the original title. However, as with all new patches and updates, it’s introduced a few bugs into the game.

Credit: Bethesda

One of these bugs reportedly sees NPCs “grave robbing,” in the sense that if you die in the game, they can actually loot your corpse. Yikes.

Reports of the bug have been spotted online, with one Reddit user writing: “I was playing the riding shot gun event and I died and I didn’t even have that gun equipped when I died but one of the friendly npcs that come with you stole my lmg with over 1300 rounds.

“The game bugged and I couldn’t spawn so I had to go back to menu and now it’s all gone when I load back in.”

Credit: Bethesda

A number of other players have reported the same issue, with PC Gamer tracking down the following video of the theft in action:


Not too much is known about the bug as of yet, but it appears to be specific to quests including Radiation Rumble and Riding Shotgun. Basically, if an NPC is following you into combat, be wary of coming across this issue.

Thankfully, Bethesda devs have been notified and are working to remove the problem. Yesterday, the team confirmed they are “still working” on finding a solution.

Apart from that slightly hilarious problem, Wasterlanders has been (and continues to be) a thoroughly fun ride for players. When Fallout 76 first launched back in late 2018, the game became so notorious for its negative reception that it almost reached meme status.

It’s good to see Bethesda is getting back on track!

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Featured Image Credit: Bethesda