Fallout 76 Will Apparently Be Getting A Battle Royale Mode

Fallout 76 wasn’t exactly Bethesda’s best game ever, but it looks like there’s more to come for the online multiplayer.

Joining the likes of pretty much every other online game on the market right now, Fallout 76 is said to be getting its own battle royale mode – at least, if Reddit’s to be believed.

Credit: Bethesda

Posting on Reddit’s r/fallout76 sub, a Fallout fan by the name of Gearsthecool writes about discovering audio files in the game that suggest a battle royale mode is coming.

Gearsthecool says: “Before I say anything else, it’s worth noting that there’s other audio files to provide context to the rest of Vault 51, and that they seem to have at least wanted to flesh things out. That said, let’s begin.

“Nuclear Winter is going to be a battle-royale style gamemode hosted inside of Vault 51, with the ZAX of the Vault narrating. The ‘explanation’ for this is that it is meant to carry out tests on human ability, etc.

Credit: Bethesda

“I know this because I extracted the audio files from the game’s files and converted them into a format I can listen to.

“I’ve posted all of the lines for the ZAX on SoundCloud, and may post the other audio files on there as well if there’s any interest.

“As for why I’m posting this, I’ve seen people speculating about the mode, and I wanted to properly set people’s expectations for E3. Keep in mind, there’s also the Wastelanders update in the fall, so they’re not purely making PvP content for the foreseeable future.

“It’s also entirely possible that the mode will have changed between whenever these files were recorded and the summer, but that remains to be seen.”

Credit: Bethesda

We won’t have too long to wait to see if the claims are true. E3 2019 kicks off early May 2019.

Do you think Fallout 76 needs a battle royale mode?

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda