Fallout 76’s New Content Is ‘Geared More Towards The Single-Player’

Bethesda is hard at work trying to pull a No Man’s Sky with its 2018 title, Fallout 76.

The game was critically panned when it released, and Bethesda didn’t do any favours for itself as the company continued to face controversy after controversy.

Credit: Bethesda

Firstly, there were those p*ssed off folks who forked out the big bucks for the Power Armor Edition of the game only to receive special edition bags that weren’t as pictured.

It then emerged that the bags that had been pictured were instead doled out to influencers and celebrities who got involved with the promotion of the game.

Credit: Bethesda

And THEN there was the leaking of customers’ personal details to other customers.

This all happened alongside the complaints of bugs, server issues, lag and “boring” gameplay, culminating in more issues for Fallout 76 than a rogue nuke on a busy town.

During E3 2019, Bethesda gave the audience a bit of a content roadmap for the coming months, in the hopes of making the game a little more…enjoyable.

Credit: Bethesda

In a recent interview with VG247, Fallout 76‘s development director Chris Mayer spoke about the upcoming Wastelanders update, saying: “I can’t get too much in the details, but I will say that most of the stuff is personalized to you, so we’re not trying to do something crazy like where the group will decide, or you know, I think some of the other games like you vote, things like that,” he said.

“What it is, is the personalized experience. So when you’re talking with the NPC, you’re going to get your story and your quest progressed and it’s going to mean something for you.

“The group that you’re with, if they’re also talking to the NPC, it’s going to be much the same for them, a sort of instance if you will. So it’s definitely tailored more towards a single-player experience.”

Credit: Bethesda

Excitingly for long-standing fans of the franchise, Mayer spoke a little about SPECIAL stats, saying: “It’s going to be a lot like other Fallout games, so we do want to give choices based on the player’s SPECIAL stats, so I can’t promise every SPECIAL stat will always have something, but the traditional ones like Charisma and Perception, we’re going to be using those to give you different ways that you can take the story and get different consequences for that.”

Wastelanders is sounding pretty interesting…

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda