Fallout 76’s Premium Members Are Being ‘Cyberbullied’

The world has been *ahem* treated *ahem* to Fallout First, a premium subscription service that adds single-player elements to Fallout 76. Naturally, players of the game aren’t exactly thrilled with the news from Bethesda, and now those who have been enjoying the service are getting “cyberbullied.”

People who subscribe to Fallout First get rewarded with in-game goodies which set them apart from everyone else. Unfortunately, according to a Reddit post, these players are being “ganged up on.”

Credit: Bethesda

“People are ganging up on Fallout 1st players in adventure mode and grieving anyone with the icon lol,” writes Redditor jimmyjamesjr86.

The responses were mixed, with lots of people jumping onto the thread to defend the apparent bullying.

Credit: Bethesda

One user writes: “Wearing that ranger armor has got to be like putting a sign on that says ‘I support Bethesda’s bad decisions and pay them to abuse me.’ Glad they got private servers then.”

Another adds: “We almost made Appalachia a better place when we were working together and seemingly rebuilding our virtual society. Now things have plunged into chaos due to different ideologies about how 76 should be handled. I guess it was only a matter of time where we would go back to fighting each other. War never changes.”

Credit: Bethesda

The original poster declined to go into much more detail about how the cyberbullying is taking form, leading people to speculate about the details.

One commenter responded: “And…doing what, exactly? You can’t hurt them with tickle damage anymore, you can’t destroy their camps anymore, you can’t rob them or anything. Absolute worst they can do is spam sh*t over voice/messaging, annoy you with explosives, or follow you around trying to kill enemies before you can tag them. All three can be easily avoided with a mute and a block, worst comes to worst maybe a server hop.”

Credit: Bethesda

On Twitter people have also been weighing in on the debate, with one user saying anyone paying for the service “deserves” any hate they might get online.

Bethesda has yet to comment on the phenomenon.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda