Fallout Fans Have Pieced Together the Fallout 76 Map and it is Massive

Fallout fans are dedicated to their franchise and even though this new game may have divided opinion some what there are still fans that are willing to go the extra mile to find out about secretive their favourite franchise. This time Reddit users managed to piece together the map for Fallout 76 – or so they claim.

Bethesda has revealed a couple of names of areas that will be in the game so it was an easy start for the fans. Top of the World Ski Resort, Lewisburg, Bolton Greens and Morgantown will be included in the newest addition to the Franchise.

Bethesda stated during their E3 showcase of the game that the world would be 4 times the size of Fallout 4. The map does look huge but we won’t know until we get to walk around the world and compare it ourselves. We will hopefully be able to see this happen sooner rather than later.

The map looks to be divided into different segments, 6 in total. These are as follows:

  • Toxic Valley
  • The Forest
  • Savage Divide
  • The Mire
  • Ash Heap
  • Cranberry Bog

I imagine each of these sections will have its own benefits, for example if you want to grow crops you might have to collect the ash from Ash Heap to grow help feed your crops which you have planted in The Forest. We don’t know if farming is actually in the game but I wouldn’t put it past Bethesda.

Check out the map below: