12 Gaming Accessories All Playstation Players Need

Playstations are great consoles as they are but here are some great additions you can pick up for your console. If you are more of a PC player check out our list of PC must haves here.

Charging station

Controller Charging Station[Amazon]

This will help keep your controller charged without the use of the pesky wires that always seem to go walkabout when you are out of power. It also looks great and fits well with the style of the PS4.

Charging and game Station

Charging and game Station[Amazon]

If you want the next step up from the previous product then this will suit you well. It is all housed in one sleek station as well.

Hard Drive

Hard Drive[Amazon]

If you are like 75% of the PS4 community and have a PS+ subscription then you will love having one of these. This makes it so you can download games that you purchase so you can play them at anytime and not have to re-download every time you want to play. It also sits right on top of the PS4 and looks like a perfect fit for it.

Cooling Fan

Cooling Fan[Amazon]

If you live in a warm area or just like to play for extended periods then this will do you perfectly. Keeps your PS4 safe and cool. It will mean your gaming sessions will never be stopped by your Playstation overheating.

Racing Wheel

Racing Wheel[Amazon]

If racing games are more your speed then this is the perfect addition to your controller. This is also one of the best racing wheels you can get as it doesn’t block any of the buttons or the charging port. Top notch!

Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse[Amazon]

If you are serious about FPS games on your PS4 then you will do well to purchase yourself a mouse and keyboard. It isn’t that well known but you can actually use USB mice and keyboards to play many fps games on console. It has also helped me get many Fortnite wins over my controller using competition.

Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Keyboard[Amazon]

Of course where would you be with a mouse without a gaming keyboard. This one also looks beautiful and will match your mouse. Destroy noobs and looks good at the same time.

Bean Bag Gaming Seat

Bean Bag Gaming Seat[Amazon]

You have to be comfortable while you are playing and beanbags are always the best way to chill while playing. You can also use it when you aren’t playing and it is just as comfortable! It also comes in a number of different colours to fit any gamers room.

Call of Duty Cable Holder

Call of Duty Cable Holder[Amazon]

If you are always getting your wires tangled then this is the stylish product you need. You also know it’s in good hands when it’s in Ghosts’ hands.

Gaming Headset

Gaming Headset[Amazon]

If you haven’t got a headset for gaming then you are seriously missing out. If you are playing FPS games it is great as then you can listen to where the enemies are. If you prefer single player story game then these help you get even more immersed into the game.

Controller Decals

Controller Decals[Amazon]

This is a nice little addition to your controller. You can put these over the LED section on the top of the controller to help make it feel more personal to you. It also looks dope as well.

Controller Keyboard

Controller Keyboard[Amazon]

If you find yourself typing a lot of messages and you need to do it quickly then this is a nice little addition.

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