Fan Comic Crosses Over The Witcher 3 And Animal Crossing

A user on Reddit recently shared a comic their wife made crossing over The Witcher 3 and Animal Crossing, and it’s pretty adorable.

Sometimes, one day you’ll be trying to examine why you like something even though you don’t know why, and it’ll just click. For this Redditor user’s wife, this happened during a conversation at a bar between the couple.

The wife of bonerfly, the originator of the post, was unsure why she liked The Witcher 3. She doesn’t normally like violent games, but as her husband explains, it’s a horse girl game. This of course led her to make a short comic crossing over The Witcher 3 and Animal Crossing.

The comic is incredibly cute, featuring an Animal Crossingified Geralt of Rivia. And the comparisons between the two are pretty accurate too. Both games like you pick up greenery, or get a haircut.

Technically speaking Animal Crossing has quests, if you consider paying off your loan one. And you do need to do crafting in both games too. Even if in The Witcher 3 you spend a lot of time fighting enemies, there are plenty of nonviolent ways to interact in the game. 

You should check out the comic just for the very sweetly drawn art anyway. But seeing Geralt as an Animal Crossing villager just makes us wish he was actually in the game. There’s even a little cartoon version of Roach to go along with him. Unfortunately for us, this will likely just stay a pipe dream.

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Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt Red/ Nintendo