Fan Creates Fallout 4 Remaster Using Hundreds Of Mods

Mods have the ability to change the way we play and perceive our favourite game. However, a Fallout 4 fan has managed to completely remaster the 2015 RPG using 205 different modifications [via TheGamer].

Assembled by YouTuber Ded String, the heavily modded version of Bethesda’s apocalyptic shooter essentially looks like a modern-day remaster. Admittedly, Ded String’s excessive number of mods makes the game look different aesthetically. Nevertheless, if you told some fans that this was an actual Bethesda re-release, they’d likely believe you.

YouTube video

If you’ve heard the name Ded String, it’s likely due to their reputation within the modding community. From the horror mod “Whispering Chills” to the modder’s previous Fallout: New Vegas efforts, the creator has an impressive modding resume. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that the 205 mods used in this latest project hail from a collective of video game tinkerers. Luckily, a comprehensive list of these mods can be found over on Ded String’s Modwatch page.


If you’d like to give this heavily modded version of Fallout 4 a try, you’ll have to do a lot of the legwork yourself. While Ded String has provided a list of every mod and patch used, the page doesn’t link explicitly to any download pages. Therefore, you’ll probably have to hit up the likes of NexusMods and gather them up yourself.

Ded String Fallout 4 mods
Credit: Ded String

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Featured Image Credit: Ded String