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Fan Creates John Wick Lookalike In Red Dead Online

We all know by know that Red Dead Redemption Online is one of the best online games to get stuck into right now. While the game is yet to make the same waves as Grand Theft Auto Online, it’s still one heck of a fun ride, and the game’s character customisation options are just part of the good times that can be had in the Rockstar Games title.

Creating fun and unique characters is a favourite pastime for lots of the RDO community, and if you can imagine it, you can create it. One avid Red Dead Online fan has gone the extra mile and created an homage to the one and only Keanu Reeves, by creating a character who looks the spitting image of Mr. John Wick.

Credit: Jay Uchiha Cabral

Created by Jay Uchiha Cabral and shared to the Facebook group, THE RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 GROUP, the John Wick lookalike looks pretty darn spot on if you ask me!


The creator captioned the post: “My newest creation in game. Presenting John Wick aka Keanu Reeves. My original in game form. Enjoy!!”

Check it out below!


As most people are still stuck in lockdown, a huge online game like Red Dead Online is the place to be, and developer Rockstar Games is continuing to include free events and goodies for its players.

Credit: Lionsgate

The company recently announced the return of a number of awesome outfits that have just been added to the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue. Meanwhile, there’s still time left to claim some bonuses, as Moonshine, Arrowhead and Bird Egg sets can be sold for more than usual for a limited time only.

Check out the full details of everything happening in Red Dead Online over on the official website here.

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Jay Uchiha Cabral