Resident Evil Remade In RE 4 Engine Is Horrifyingly Good

The Resident Evil franchise is a great one for both mods and fan-created remakes, and now we’ve gotten to see just how great the original Resident Evil could look if built in the Resident Evil 4 engine.

As spotted by PCGamesN, a modder by the name of Mr. Curious has worked hard to rebuild RE 1’s Spencer Mansion in all of its glory, this time using the same engine that RE 4 uses.

Credit: YouTube/ResidenceofEvil

Th tank controls of the original Resident Evil were…well. They were tank controls, but with the new fan project, entitled Resident Evil: Remix, you can enjoy all the best parts of the first game, with the smooth and much more modern controls of the fourth.

YouTuber Residence of Evil has shared a video of the phenomenon, which you can check out in full below.

YouTube video

Sadly, Resident Evil: Remix isn’t available to play for the masses (yet!) but keep your fingers crossed for this one.

One classic Capcom fan game that you can play right now is the Dino Crisis remake. As spotted by DSO Gaming, Dino Crisis REbirth is a fan-created patch for the Japanese SourceNext PC version of Capcom’s Dino Crisis. It uses a new 3D rendering mode to make it look tidier and cleaner than ever before, and even supports up to 4K resolution.

Credit: Capcom

In a description of the mod, the creator writes: “Classic REbirth is the label given to my PC patches for old Windows games, currently supporting the first two Resident Evil / Biohazard games and Dino Crisis.

“This patch is specifically aimed at the Japanese SourceNext release: it won’t work with the MediaKite release (the two executables are virtually identical and yet very different for some reason), but if you have the install data from any Japanese version you can use the SourceNext patch provided in the download section to make it compatible with Classic REbirth.”

YouTube video

Download Dino Crisis REbirth for yourself from here, and check it out in action in the video above!

YouTube video

Featured Image Credit: Capcom