Fan Recreates Zelda Wind Waker In Unreal Engine And It’s Gorgeous

A fan has recreated The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker using Unreal Engine and it simply looks gorgeous. Seeing is believing.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker was originally released for the Nintendo GameCube back in 2003. To this day, largely thanks to its cel-shaded visuals, the game still looks great. The Wind Waker then got a HD release in 2013 for the Wii U to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

wind waker unreal
Credit: Vitor Maccari

So, nearly a decade has passed since the HD release and for a few years now, fans have been calling for another remaster for the Nintendo Switch. Better still, a full remake would be incredible.

Unfortunately, despite endless rumour and speculation prior to any E3 or Nintendo Direct event, we seem to be no closer to that illustrious new remaster or remake. Thankfully while we wait to see whether that day will ever come, a talented indie developer has recreated a scene from the Wind Waker using the Unreal Engine.

wind waker unreal
Credit: Vitor Maccari

The indie developer in question is Vitor Maccari, who has shared a number of videos on his YouTube channel detailing the development process.

The video sees Link sailing across the beautiful sea on The Kind of Red Lions ship. From the wind blowing on the sails, the sun reflecting upon the sea to the ever-soothing music, this recreation is simply gorgeous, to say the least.

Please Nintendo, remake Wind Waker!

YouTube video

In the description of Maccari’s video, he says that this is his: “first personal project using Unreal Engine. I did it just for learning and of course, for fun”. I’ve reused the animation and the 3D assets from a short movie I made a few months ago.

I’ve also modeled some new assets like grass, palm trees and rocks. I’ve made the handheld movements myself with my DSLR camera. Then I tracked the shots using Nuke (Software) and imported them to Unreal.

wind waker unreal
Credit: Vitor Maccari

This fantastic video certainly gives us a taste of what we could be missing out on, should the Wind Waker remake never arrive. Hopefully, Nintendo will not issue a Cease & Desist, because Maccari’s work deserves all the positive attention coming his way.

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Featured Image Credit: Vitor Maccari