Fans Are Completing Spider-Man Without Noticing This Incredible Audio Detail 

Spider-Man has been blowing fans’ minds since it released last week and its impressive attention to detail and design seemingly knows no bounds. 

Kotaku writer and Spider-Man fan, Kirk Hamilton recently tweeted a clip of his playthrough of the game in which you can clearly hear a difference between ‘tired’ Spidey and ‘not-so-tired’ Spidey, with the former sounding distinctly out of breath if he’d been overexerted before speaking. 

The lead writer for the game, Jon Paquette, recently took to Twitter to recognise the audio as fans were left wondering how it had been done. 

Paquette responded to the clip (and the many people asking about it), stating: “So for those of you wondering if we recorded #spidermanps4 open-world Spidey dialogue twice– yes, we did. 

“One “resting” take, one “exerted” take. Programmers exposed a variable to Wwise allowing the game to switch between dialogue assets, depending on the player state.” 

Before the audio was recognised not too many people had picked up on the very subtle yet incredibly effective detail, and fans are loving the clarification. 

“This attention to detail is so incredible,” one Twitter user responded. 

Another commented: “wow I thought I was the only one wondering how Peter actually talked like he was out of breath everytime I make him run around during dialogue, that’s pretty amazing.” 

Have you noticed the difference in the audio when playing Spider-Man? 

Even though the game’s only just been released it seems that plans for a New Game Plus mode are already well underway. 

When asked by a fan, Insomniac Games tweeted to state that the finishing touches were being applied to the mode. 

Looks like we’ll be getting even more exciting Spider-Man changes then – we just hope it’s sooner rather than later!