Fortnite’s Latest Update Changes The Golden Scar 

Every week we get treated to an exciting new Fortnite update from Epic Games. Now, some weeks are better than others, but generally we get some nice new cosmetics, maybe a weapon and sometimes a new Limited Time Mode. 

The latest patch, v5-4.0, has made some changes to one of the most exciting weapons in the game – the Golden Scar. 

According to the patch notes a new Assault Rifle will be coming into play – the Suppressed Assault Rifle for Battle Royale mode. 

The description states: “Take down your enemies quickly and quietly with this new Assault Rifle that rewards precision over rapid-fire.” 

The new rifle does 32/33 damage per shot and can be picked up in Vending Machines, floor loots, Supply Drops and Treasure Chests. It’s available in both Epic and Legendary Variants. 

The Golden Scar is known to be one of the most effective weapons in the game if you’ve got the skills, and it deals a pretty nasty 36 damage per shot, making the new rifle slightly less effective. 

As for the game’s Save The World mode the Weekly Horde Challenge 6 is now available thanks to the new patch. 

The notes read: “This week, deploy your portable Fort against hordes of assassin Husks – and players have no shields! 

“Earn Field Agent Rio for the first-time completion.” 

Field Agent Rio is the brand-new Mythic Outlander who’s also been added into Save The World’s Weekly Horde Challenge, along with a new Wraith Assault Rifle in the Weekly Store. 

The Wraith Assault Rifle is described as: “A silenced assault rifle with excellent headshot damage that maintains impressive accuracy when fired in controlled bursts. 

“Equipped with a suppressor that greatly reduces the distance that enemies hear gunshots.” 

Most of the patch is now live and ready to update your game, but the Wraith Assault Rifle won’t be available until 12th September. 

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