Fans are holding a funeral for Red Dead Online next week because it’s a ‘dead game’

Red Dead Online fans say that the game is dead and a funeral is taking place next week on Wednesday. Yes, that’s really happening.

Who’s up for it then? A funeral to celebrate one year of Red Dead Online being abandoned” reads a tweet from Red Dead News.

Dress up in your best funeral attire, get your friends to join, tag us in pics & use the hashtags below! Save the date: Wednesday, July 13th. Are you in?

Attendees of the funeral are being asked to dress appropriately, take photos and share them across social media using the hashtags “RedDeadFuneral” and “SaveRedDeadOnline”.

Save Red Dead Online!

call to arms
Credit: Rockstar Games

It has to be mentioned that Red Dead Online isn’t actually dead, though its fan base would say different. For months fans have felt aggrieved by the lack of support and content from Rockstar Games. Especially when the likes of GTA Online continue to be the favourite child as well as Rockstar’s biggest cash cow.

However, fans could argue that if RDO had half the support that GTA Online receives, it could also be a big money maker for Rockstar Games. Granted, it’s unlikely that it will even make the kind of money that GTA Online makes, but at least it would be given a chance and its fan base would be somewhat happy.

This week a new wave of free content comes to Red Dead Online with Call to Arms and Free Roam missions, as well as double XP and more. However, it’s quite generic content for the Western online game, compared to the expansion-like support that GTA Online receives.

Credit: Rockstar Games

a month-long event

Red Dead Online players can also earn Triple RDO$ throughout the month of July.

July 5 – July 11: Explosive Series

  • Participate in Call to Arms this week to earn 50% off the Lemat Revolver
  • Reach Wave 8 or higher in any Call to Arms this week for a free Varmint Rifle

12th – 18th: Hardcore Most Wanted Series

  • Playing Call to Arms will earn players 40% off any Shotgun
  • Complete at least one Blood Money Contract and one Opportunity for a free red Gardenia Hat
Credit: Rockstar Games

19th – 25th: Hardcore Plunder and Spoils of War Series

  • Play Call to Arms this week to get 30% off any Weapon
  • Complete 2 Free Roam Events to earn the blue Charro Jacket for Males and the blue Ballard Jacket for Females

26th – August 1st: Hardcore Last Stand Series

  • Play Call to Arms and earn a free Weapon Component
  • Playing Call to Arms with a Permanent Posse will earn players red Schaffer Chaps

Will you be attending the RDO funeral next week? Let us know across our social media channels. You can buy Red Dead Redemption 2 for £20.95.

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