Battlefield 2042 gets three times more players than Halo Infinite

Battlefield 2042 recently had 3x more players than Halo Infinite. So, does this mean EAs shooter is making a comeback?

As spotted by industry insider and video game journalist Tom Henderson, earlier this week Battlefield 2042 had over 6,000 concurrent players, while Halo Infinite had over 2,000.

To be honest, regardless of which game had the highest number of players this week, I think it’s fair to say that both games should be doing better. However, I suppose to give Battlefield 2042 some credit, it had been beating a free-to-play game.

Battlefield v Halo

That being said, Halo content creator Kevin Koolx made a good point. At the time of writing, Halo Infinite is two months into its Season 2 content. Whereas Battlefield 2042 is less than a month into its Season 1 content. So it is likely that players will be drawn into something that is fresher than the other.

Furthermore, Tom Henderson does counter that by making the point that Battlefield 2042 requires a purchase to play the game, while Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is free.

Taking a look into the most recent numbers, according to SteamDB, it’s quite a close call between both games. At the time of writing, Battlefield 2042 has just over 2,500 concurrent players and Halo Infinite has just over 2,600.

Battlefield 2042
Credit: EA/DICE

In terms of a 24-hour peak, Battlefield 2042 has over 6,500, compared to Halo Infinite’s 7,680.

However, when we’re taking an all-time peak, Halo Infinite is the clear winner (“winner” being a loose term). Halo Infinite has an all-time peak of 272, 586, compared to Battlefield 2042s 105, 397.

Who’s the real winner?

halo infinite
Credit: Xbox Game Studios/343 Industries

In truth, I don’t think either Halo Infinite or Battlefield 2042 are real winners. Both games have had its own fair share of problems since launch and both should be doing much, much better in my opinion.

Which out of the two multiplayer games do you prefer, Battlefield 2042 or Halo Infinite? Let us know across our social media channels.

You can buy Battlefield 2042 from £29.95.

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Featured Image Credit: /Source: Tom Henderson