Gamers Are Pretty Upset With Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear Reveal

Build-a-Bear has announced a new Animal Crossing collection! However, fans of the series appear to be very unhappy with the reveal.

The new collection was revealed via the official Build-a-Bear Twitter account, alongside an image of the new bears. While Animal Crossing is known for its wide array of NPCs, the collection only contains the game’s main duo: Isabelle and Tom Nook.

As you can imagine, this has turned various Animal Crossing fans into a bunch of grizzly bears, disgruntled over Build-a-Bear’s limited selection of stuffed characters.


If we’ve learned anything, it’s that Animal Crossing fans are a force to be reckoned with. Previously, we saw fans of the series complain about the game’s lackluster Super Mario content, which was labelled as “filler” content.

Fans have also been complaining about Build-a-Bear’s limited Animal Crossing stock, comparing it to the current stock limitations of the PlayStation 5. 

Thankfully, there’s a glimmer of hope for fans looking for more plushie Animal Crossing characters. The Build-a-Bear Twitter account responded to a statement suggesting more characters were on the way with a sus emoji, one that suggests the collection is set to expand.


Previous collections like the Pokemon Build-a-Bear collaboration have grown over time, with new editions and clothing being released further down the line. 

The collection is currently out of stock on the Build-a-Bear website, despite only releasing this week. The site does state that both Isabelle and Tom Nook are coming back soon, so we should see stocks replenished in the future. Hopefully, this will encourage the company to release more characters in the future, along with more stock and availability. Who knows, perhaps even the likes of Raymond will be transformed into a Build-a-Bear buddy!

For more information on the Build-a-Bear Animal Crossing collection, visit the official Build-a-Bear Workshop Website.


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Featured Image Credit: Build-a-Bear